Our technology

Laser bioprinting is a technology that allows the precise and rapid delivery of cells on planar and/or curved substrates. Using focused laser pulses and by determining the laser parameters it is possible to control the number of cells per printed droplet and the geometry of the printed patterns.


The technology exhibits high resolution (10 μm) and therefore enables the highly precise placement of cells at pre-defined positions in the 3-dimensional space when complex architectures are required.


Human Embryonic Stem cells/alginate bioink


System features

PhosPrint’s Dual Beam I (PhosDB . I) bioprinter, is optimized to print bio-inks for tissue constructs. Equipped with a dual wavelength module it offers the ability to print and post-process bio-inks on demand.


Laser wavelength: visible, IR

User-friendly software

10-inch display for real-time process monitoring

Temperature control at printbed and

at bioinks (10 C – 70 C)

UV LED and HEPA filters for contamination control

Unprecedented post-printing cell viability

Printing volumes: pL up to nL

Printed droplet size: 10-300 μm

Printing spatial accuracy: ±5 μm



PhosPrint also focusses on the development of bioprinted products for tissue regeneration.